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Since this is probably your first Legal DNA Paternity test, and every situation is unique, DNA Paternity Genetics highly recommend you call our Legal DNA paternity experts  at 800.973.5199 to ensure you get the DNA Paternity test that's right for you.

  • The experience and expertise of DNA Paternity Genetics's Legal DNA  in the paternity testing industry provides clients with choices of enhanced and expanded services, including:



Upon receipt of the necessary forms and payment information, DNA Paternity Genetic Legal DNA Paternity Testing Division will identify the Legal DNA Paternity specimen collection labs closest to the persons being tested, schedule Legal DNA Paternity appointments for specimen DNA Paternity collection, and notify those persons of the dates, times, and locations of their Legal DNA Paternity tests via email, telephone or fax. 

Specimens for Legal DNA paternity testing do not need to be obtained at the same time from each individual. DNA Paternity Genetic Legal DNA Paternity begins testing of DNA Paternity specimens upon receipt. Once all DNA Paternity specimens for a DNA Paternity case have been received and tested, a final Legal DNA Paternity report will be generated. 

  • The ability to perform noninvasive Legal DNA Paternity sample collection (DNA Paternity buccal swabs) on all parties and exclude, on average, more than 99.999% of non-fathers.  
  • A nationwide network of more than 3000 Legal DNA Paternity sample collection sites. When additional coverage is needed, DNA Paternity Genetic Legal DNA Paternity Testing can coordinate DNA Paternity specimen collection services with mobile DNA Paternity collectors.
  • Sophisticated Legal DNA Paternity specimen logistics operations for secure, timely sample transportation.
  • A dedicated IT staff of DNA Paternity Genetic Legal DNA Paternity Division to support electronic delivery of Legal DNA Paternity case information and Legal DNA Paternity results.
  • Legal DNA Paternity test results on standard Legal DNA paternity cases are usually available within 5 business days after the Legal DNA Paternity last sample in each DNA Paternity case is received by the DNA Paternity laboratory. 

At DNA Paternity Genetic, we are committed to quality testing and the highest standards – that is why we only perform DNA paternity tests in a manner and under circumstances allowing the results to be used in courts of law.

What happens at the DNA Paternity Genetic DNA Paternity collection site?

Parties will be required to present a photo ID at the time of DNA Paternity Test collection (i.e. driver’s license, passport, birth certificate). A DNA Paternity Chain of Custody form will be completed, requiring signatures and photographs of parties in the case. A legal guardian’s signature will be required for any minors.

What is a buccal swab collection at DNA Paternity Genetic Legal DNA Paternity?

Legal DNA Paternity samples are collected by gently rubbing the inside of the mouth using a non-invasive, cotton-tipped swab (DNA Paternity buccal swab). Epithelial (cheek) cells adhere to the swab. Once DNA Paternity sample collected, each swab is marked with the party’s identification and sent to DNA Patrnity Lab for testing.

What happens with Legal DNA Paternity samples once they are received by DNA Paternity Genetic’s DNA Paternity testing laboratory?

When DNA Paternity samples are received in the DNA Paternity testing laboratory, the Legal DNA Paternity Chain of Custody form is signed by our lab staff. Each sample is inspected and entered into the DNA Paternity Genetic database. A Legal DNA Paternity case is created to evaluate the questioned relationship. DNA testing of the samples begins promptly upon receipt in the laboratory.

 Legal DNA Paternity Sample Testing at DNA Paternity Genetic DNA Paternity

  • The samples are processed in a DNA Paternity testing laboratory specifically designed AABB accredited for DNA Paternity testing.
    Each sample is processed in duplicate.
  • Robots are used to provide consistency to the DNA Paternity testing and quality results.
  • The Legal DNA Paternity profile generated is reviewed by trained DNA Paternity technicians.
  • The analysis of Legal DNA Paternity results is then performed.
  • DNA Paternity Genetic DNA Paternity routinely evaluates 21 loci, currently more than any other laboratory’s routine DNA Paternity test.
  • DNA Paternity Genetic’s routine DNA Paternity test provides an ability to detect greater than 99.99999% of non-parents.

How does a buccal DNA Paternity swab sample differ from a blood sample?

For purposes of identity testing, there is no difference between the DNA Paternity smaple obtained from DNA Paternity buccal swabs and that which is in blood. DNA Paternity Buccal swabs are less invasive for patients because they do not require the stick that a blood draw requires.

When a DNA paternity buccal swab specimen is collected, do you collect saliva for DNA paternity testing?

Although some saliva is contained on the swabs, the DNA Paternity Genetic Paternity Test technician is actually collecting cells from the inside of the mouth. It is the epithelial cells from inside the mouth that are tested for DNA Paternity, not the saliva.

Are DNA Paternity buccal swabs contaminated since they are collected from the mouth?

No. DNA Paternity testing is not affected by the bacteria inside the mouth, common foods, tobacco, or toothpaste.

How many genetic systems (markers) should be run for Legal DNA Paternity Test?

DNA Paternity Genetic DNA Paternity is pleased to use only AABB accredited national DNA Paternity laboratories that offer a 21-marker genetic analysis, in combination with a standard double-blind process, on every paternity sample in every paternity case. These multiple genetic systems selected for routine DNA Paternity testing at DNA Paternity Genetic DNA Paternity on average will exclude 99.9999% of non-parents.  In the extremely rare case in which the 21-marker genetic analysis does not provide a clear result, DNA Paternity Genetic DNA paternity has other genetic test options to further narrow the results.

Do you have a DNA Paternity Genetic Corp Legal DNA paternity collection location near me?

DNA Paternity Genetic Corp DNA Paternity Testing have an extensive network of Legal DNA Paternity sample collection sites that covers all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. DNA Paternity Genetic Corp Legal DNA Paternity also have numerous DNA Paternity collection sites in other countries around the world. When you call, one of our DNA Legal Paternity case managers will search our DNA Paternity databases to find local Legal DNA Paternity appointments that are convenient for all the tested parties. We will schedule your Legal DNA Paternity Test appointment at the time and place that work best for you.

What happens if the Legal DNA Paternity tested parties live in different cities or states?

DNA Paternity Genetic Corp Legal DNA Paternity can schedule separate Legal DNA Paternity appointments for any or all of the participants in a DNA paternity test. We have thousands of Legal DNA Paternity collection sites all over the United States and Canada, and we can usually schedule a convenient Legal DNA Paternity appointment close to your work or home.

What types of samples do you use for Legal DNA Paternity testing?

All the time, the Legal DNA Paternity samples we test are buccal swabs, or cheek swabs. Legal DNA Paternity Buccal swabbing is a quick and painless procedure that involves rubbing a cotton-like swab against the inside of the patient’s cheek.

How soon can I have my Legal DNA Paternity sample collected?

Because we have Legal DNA Paternity sample collection sites all over the United States and Canada, we will be able to schedule an appointment for you quickly—on the same day that you call. Please call 1-800-371-2838 to set up your Legal DNA Paternity case right away.

What do I need to bring to the Legal DNA Paternity Testing appointment?

All adult Legal DNA Paternity test participants must bring a valid government-issued ID—such as a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport—to the Legal DNA Paternity Test sample collection appointment. For minors, a birth certificate, Social Security card, medical insurance card or hospital birth record is sufficient.

What will happen at the Legal DNA Paternity Test sample collection appointment?

When you arrive at your Legal DNA Paternity appointment, you will need to present proper identification, which the Legal DNA Paternity Test sample collector will verify and photocopy. You will also have your photograph and thumbprint taken. These three elements are required by the Legal DNA Paternity chain of custody procedure, which makes your DNA Paternity test results legally defensible.

After you are properly identified, you will need to sign a DNA Paternity form giving your consent for the Legal DNA Paternity test. If you are the legal custodian of a tested minor, you will have to sign the Legal DNA Paternity Test form on behalf of the child.

The Legal DNA Paternity Test collector will collect your Legal DNA Paternity samples using simple DNA Paternity buccal swabs—cotton-like swabs that he or she will rub against the inside of your cheek to gather loose cheek cells. The Legal DNA Paternity collector will then send all the DNA Paternity samples to our DNA Paternity laboratory.

Is there a minimum age for collecting a Legal DNA Paternity sample?

No. Because DNA is set at conception and generally does not change, a Legal DNA Paternity Test test can be performed on a person of any age—even on a DNA sample of a newborn. Yes, Legal DNA Paternity swab can be collected from the newborn.

Do DNA Paternity buccal swabs produce the same results as blood samples?

Yes. Legal DNA Paternity Buccal swab samples contain the same DNA as blood samples and will therefore produce the same DNA paternity test results. DNA Paternity Buccal swabbing is our primary Legal DNA Paternity sample collection method because it is a simple and painless procedure. In addition, DNA Paternity buccal swabs are particularly preferable over blood samples for persons who have had recent blood transfusions or bone marrow transplants—their blood samples may contain DNA from the donors.

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Quality Testing and the Highest Standards

General Info

At DNA Paternity Genetic Centers, we are committed to quality testing and the highest standards that is why we only perform DNA paternity tests in a manner and under circumstances allowing the results to be a Legal Document. Our DNA Paternity results are accepted in:

  • Court of Law (child custody, alimony)
  • Department of State
  • Social Security Administration
  • INS

DNA Paternity Genetic is pleased to use only AABB accredited national genetic DNA Labs. We only use laboratories that offer a 21-marker genetic analysis, in combination with a standard double-blind process, on every paternity sample in every paternity case. We offer Legal DNA Paternity Test, Maternity DNA Test, Grand Paternity DNA Genetic Testing, Siblingship DNA Testing.

For law offices, courts, and individuals that prefer to have their Legal DNA Paternity sample collection to be performed at their location, the DNA Paternity Genetic Specimen Collectors network offer on-site specimen collection service nationwide. For a reasonable fee we will send a technician with all necessary equipment to the site of your choice.

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For details, please call: 800-973-5199.

Analisis de ADN Le ofrecemos una amplia gama de pruebas de ADN, para paternidad. $350. Prueba legal ADN para paternindad. 21-Marcador análisis genético. Resultados en 5 días. Para casos de pensión alimenticia. Aceptado en corte.


For details, please call: 800-973-5199.

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